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Tips to Shoot in Daylight

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In our previous guide, we gave some tips about shooting in darker jazz events. But what if the jazz event is outdoors, on a bright and sunny day?  

Choice of Lens 

For shooting outdoors, you don’t necessarily need a very wide aperture as you would have to stop down the lens to counter the extremely bright sun. Instead, the lens should be able to handle glare well and it should not have too much distortion. 

Accessories Needed 

To help you take better photos outdoors on a bright day, you should take along a good lens hood that helps combat any sort of glare. You should also keep an ND filter with you just in case you need to reduce the amount of light getting into your camera and increasing the shutter speed further in order to do so isn’t an option. A tripod is also a great accessory to always have handy, whether day or night.  

Not Much Editing Needed 

Once you are done taking your photos, you may not have to do too much editing to make them look great. The good thing about shooting in plenty of light is that your photos will be sharp, detailed, and free of noise. So even if you don’t shoot in RAW (which you should just always do though), you can use a lightweight automatic photo editor and make some quick adjustments to the exposure and contrast to make your images look good.

Mind the Highlights 

Whenever you’re shooting outdoors, you have to take extra care to not blow out the highlights in your photos. To prevent this from happening, the previously mentioned ND filter will come in handy. Another thing that can help you with this is to take HDR photos. However, HDR photography of a person performing on stage isn’t really ideal since they would be constantly moving. But HDR photos of the venue as a whole, or wide-angle HDR shots, will be a very good addition to your overall collection from the event.

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