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Which Lens to Choose for Jazz Photography

As soon as you buy a camera with interchangeable lenses, you are faced with the very difficult decision of which lenses to buy. If you’re a casual photographer, you probably find yourself attracted to a telephoto lens at first, and then move to a nifty fifty.

However, as a jazz event photographer, you need to be aware of what you need most in a lens before buying anything else.

  1. You Need a Wide Aperture

Jazz events are known for their dimly lit atmosphere. For that reason, you need to have a wide aperture. Anything at or below f/2.8 will be a good way to go. The reason to need a wide aperture is to let more light into your camera and consequently be able to use a low ISO value and a fast shutter speed. This is crucial to get good photos with no blurriness. Also, if you want to take photos for creating HDRs (click here to learn more), you need to use a low ISO value to keep the noise down in the final image.

  1. You Can Benefit from Stabilization

Most of these events are shot handheld because you have to keep moving around to find the right angle and light. For that reason, getting a lens with image stabilization can be beneficial. This will allow you to shoot at a slower shutter speed than normal while hand-holding the camera without making the images blurred.

  1. You Might Want a Zoom

Prime lenses are mostly better in terms of handling and image quality than zoom lenses. However, for events where you have to constantly move around, it might benefit you to get a lens with a zoom range. Something that covers a focal length of around 24-70mm is good enough for most indoor shots. However, do note that zoom lenses usually have a variable aperture so you’d want to invest (a lot of money) in one that has a constant aperture value of around f/2.8 for getting the best results in low light.


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